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AGOR is a loose partnership between two constituent projects:
  • CWM (Coalfield Web Materials), led by the University of Wales Swansea, and relating to coal mining in South Wales
  • Llechwefan ("slatesite"), led by Gwynedd Council (Culture section), relating to slate quarrying in North Wales

The main aim of the AGOR partners is to bring together materials relating to the industrial heritage of North and South Wales, which illustrate the enormous effect that the slate-quarrying and coal-mining industries had on their respective communities. We will digitise materials in a wide range of formats and make these available on the Web. AGOR will promote awareness of the history of Wales both within Wales and further afield, as well as fostering a sense of community among those living and working in Wales today.

"AGOR" is a Welsh word meaning "open". Its significance is that it represents both the opening up of the Welsh landscape in order to extract coal and slate during our industrial past, and also the use of modern web technology to reveal the importance of this period of our heritage for learners today and in the future, wherever they may be based. It may also of course be regarded as representing the "opening of minds" which will become possible for those coming to the AGOR website in search of knowledge and understanding. "AGOR" may also be expanded as an acronym to stand for "Adnoddau Gwybodaeth O'r Rhyngrwyd" (literally, "Information Sources from the Internet").



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