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Technology Guide
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How do I listen to the audio and watch the video?

To watch videos contained in this site you will need to use either the Internet Explorer 4.0 + or Netscape Navigator 4.7+ browser. You must also have Windows Media Player 7.1 installed on your system (this is already installed on most Windows systems) or have the Windows Media Player plug-in installed (Netscape and Macintosh users). If, when clicking on a clip you are informed that you need to upgrade your player then you will need to visit the Microsoft Windows Media Home website. Click here to visit the Microsoft Windows Media Home website.
What do the icons Play Hiqh Quality Icon  and Play Low Quality Icon refer to?  

The Play Hiqh Quality Icon and Play Low Qulaity Icon icons refer to the quality of audio and video available for listening and viewing on this website. A blue video will be a lower quality video than a red one. Unfortunately, Internet users at home with normal 28k/56k modems will only be able to view the blue quality versions because of their slow connection to the Internet. However, users with Cable Modems, ADSL, or LAN connections will be able to view the red quality versions because their Internet connection is much faster.

When you click on a Play Hiqh Quality Icon or Play Low Quality Icon icon there will be a short delay (up to a minute for slow internet connections) while the Windows Media Player application opens up. Once it opens it will connect to the Coalfield Web Materials server and start playing the content you have selected to listen/watch.


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