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Banner Makers

Red Line

Banner makers fall into three categories

• Professional

The large, painted and often complex banners are generally produced by a professional banner-making firm. Several South Wales Area National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) Lodge banners were made by Co-operative Arts Service in Leicester in the 1950s. The Cambrian Lodge banner for example, was made in 1958 at a cost of £97.

Co-operative Arts Service banners were made out of heavy twill with a machine finish to give the appearance of silk. The banners were silk screen printed. Banners were also made from linen and painted. This was a cheaper option and allowed the banner to be repainted frequently with topical illustrations or wordings.

The banner makers Turtle & Pearce of London made the Oakdale Navigation Lodge banner in 1961. It cost £150.

• Semi professional

Some of the NUM Lodge banners are good examples of semi professional banners, where the actual banner was perhaps made by the wife of a committee member and the image and slogan added to the banner by a professional sign writer.

• Home made

These banners are very common. Artistic skills are not always necessary as painted or sewn slogans on a square of cloth are a basic, but highly effective banner – and they can be made by anyone. Many campaign banners fall into his category where they are used for a brief campaign and so the purchase of a more permanent banner is not necessary. Banners made during the 1984/85 Miners’ Strike were often home made.




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