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Raise the Banners High

Red Line

The 1940s saw the creation of the Wernos, Ferndale and Risca Lodge banners. However, it is not until the 1950s that a banner carrying tradition was established amongst South Wales miners for the first time.


The South Wales NUM Area Banner was made in 1955. The union encouraged lodges to purchase similar banners, resulting in many lodges having either an individual or joint banner to march behind at the annual galas or use in demonstrations. The themes running through all the miners’ banners are the struggle for work, socialism, internationalism and world peace.

Worn out from use, the Area Banner was replaced with a new banner in 1975. The new banner was designed by a Dulais Lodge and a Maerdy Lodge member and has the slogan ‘The past we inherit, the future we build through socialism’. The banner is still in regular use.

“Despite all the modern means of electronic communication, there is still nothing to move the heart and stir the pride like the proud rippling of a painted sail against the wind, borne aloft by the hands of working people, marching for the great and lasting cause of labour, ‘the hope of the world.’” John Gorman




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