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Archives hold your history. They provide a sense of identity and belonging
and a means through which people can discover their past. It was this history that was highlighted in an exhibition entitled 'Love and Hate in the Collections at University of Wales Swansea'.
The theme was created for Archives Awareness Month Archive awareness Month logo, a National event held during September 2003. The exhibition used material from the South Wales Coalfield Collection and from the Local Archives.

The South Wales Coalfield developed because of its rich coal seams, its
history was created by people. It is this human element that is preserved in the South Wales Coalfield Collection, (SWCC) held at the University of Wales Swansea in the Archives, Library and Information Centre and the South Wales Miners` Library.
The Collection succeeds through its variety of media in giving an insight into the experience of the South Wales Valleys during a period of industrial turmoil It contains records of trade unions (notably the South Wales Miners' Federation, later the National Union of Mineworkers (South Wales Area) and the Iron and Steel Trades Confederation, (South Wales Division), miners' institutes, co-operative societies, and individuals connected with the mining community both from an institutional and personal perspective.

The National themes of 'Love and Hate' were chosen to show the diverse range
of material that can be found in an archive. These are universal emotions that are as complicated as the human beings that feel them. These emotions were deeply
entwinned within the coalfield, working on many different levels and to varying extents.
The relationship between Owners and Workers for example varied from miners hatred
of the early Owners for their failure in safety issues and pay disputes to the more complex
political bitterness that developed towards the government and the colliery closures of
the 1980s.

Continue by following the links to look at just a few aspects of coalfield history through a
selection of photographs, documents, pamphlets and audio/visual material contained within the Coalfield Collection.

If you would like to discover more about the South Wales
Coalfield or the Local Archives then please do contact either of the addresses below:

Manuscript records and photographs are held at:
Library and Information Centre
University of Wales Swansea
Singleton Park

Archivist: Sian Williams
Telephone: 01792 295021

Printed material, Audiotapes, videotapes,
posters and banners are held at:
South Wales Miners' Library
Hendrefoelan House
Gower Road

Librarian: Sian Williams
Telephone: 01792 518603/518693


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