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Keir Hardie 1856-1915

Red Line

Born Lanarkshire, Scotland. First worked as a baker’s delivery boy until finding work in the mines at the age of 11. He was instrumental in the creation of a union at the mine in which he worked and led its first strike, which resulted in his dismissal. By 1886 he had become secretary of the Scottish Miners’ Federation and editor of the newspaper The Miner.

In 1893 he helped form the Independent Labour Party and became its first chairman and leader. 1900 saw him being elected as MP for Merthyr Tydfil and this led on to greater things with him becoming leader of the Labour Party from 1906-8 and again for a short period in 1910. As a pacifist Hardie opposed the First World War and tried to organise a national strike in opposition to Britain’s participation.



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Keir Hardie 1856-1915

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