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Coalfield People

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A J Cook (Arthur James) 1883-1931 Aneurin Bevan 1897-1960

Arthur (Lewis) Horner 1894-1968

Dai Dan Evans 1898-1974

A J Cook    Aneurin Bevan Arthur Horner Dai Dan Evans Dai Francis

 Emlyn Williams 1921-1995

Keir Hardie 1856-1915 Noah Ablett 1833-1935 S O Davies (Siegfried Owen) 1886-1972

Emlyn Williams

Lewis Jones Keir Hardie Noah Ablett S O Davies
 Will (Thomas William) Paynter 1903-1984 William 'Mabon' Abraham 1842-1922
Will Paynter William 'Mabon' Abraham



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